Hrašné was founded on 20. march in 1955 dived from Kostolné. In the beginnig has 986 residents. It lies in the northestern part of Myjava heights, 5km from Stará Turá. 340 m attitude above sea level.
Hrašné isn´t a single monolithic unit of continuously constructed area (village). Settlement is in the full sense of a copanic character. The individual settlements are scattered around the perimeter of bounds. The whole municipal had 13 local settlements mostly named after the inhabitants, whose names were often included: Hodulov vrch, Polákov vrch, Žadovec, U Rumankov, U Taranov, U Václavkov, Bánov, U Biesov, U Zábojníkov, U Vravišov, U Štefíkov, U Tomišov, U Malkov. Some names disappeared due to settlement disapperance, others have been remained to this day.